Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Day in Cavite

Today was our last day of Pre-Service Training in Cavite. Tomorrow I, along with seven other education volunteers, travel 7 hours north to La Trinidad, Benguet. We'll be leaving at 5AM (yes, 5 hours from now), so arriving just in time for lunch with all the families. It will be a big welcoming ceremony with everyone, which should be fun! I'm going to miss everyone here; they've all been so wonderful. However, I am suuuuuper excited to get out of the reservation. I've definitely been feeling a bit claustrophobic since the CYF volunteers left the other day.

Today we had our one-on-one meetings with our TCFs (I apologize for the acronyms. Peace Corps thrives on acronyms), mine being Myles. At one point she says "So I did not know you were funny. You always look so serious!" I had to tell her the whole story about how everyone says that, but not to worry-- it's just my relaxed face. DANG! Maybe I'm like one of those intimidating-looking Russian gymnasts. They look like they're P.O.ed all the time, but maybe that is THEIR relaxed face, too! They might be as jolly as Santa Claus, but we just assume they are mean foreigners. I will never judge them (no pun intended) for that again.

Last night a bunch of us watched "The Princess Bride" in the lobby. We were going to call it a painting nails movie party, but our friend Matt, the only guy there, told us we had to rename it to "a movie... and some people painting nails party." I guess that was the masculine title. Who doesn't like The Princess Bride? I'm glad I brought it, and my other movies. Definitely going to be an asset, plus apparently Filipinos looove American movies. Hopefully they like popcorn too. Let's cross our fingers!

A handful of us hung out in the community room tonight, just chatting it up about our new sites, what the current PCVs are saying about it, and whatnot. We're all soo psyched about it. I feel like being here has only been a half reality, in a way. Yes, we are in the Philippines, but other than two mall trips and 2 hours at the beach, we've been here for 13 days. So getting out is going to finally feel real. Which is crazy exciting for me. I just hope I don't look like a sleepy mess tomorrow when I meet my host family!


At July 18, 2011 at 3:01 AM , Blogger Patti Dente said...

Hey Becky I hope your traveling day went well, now I gather this is now where you will be permantly stationed.... Hopefully those friendly ants don't follow you... oh I always liked that movie Princess Bride sounds like you are in with a great group of people... Will they be stationed in your same complex with you? so will you be staying permantly with a host family ? well anyway have a great day Love Aunt Patti

At July 24, 2011 at 12:44 PM , Blogger Patti Dente said...

Hope all is going well in the wilderness You Mom told me the story about the Pail routine Oh my becky I at least hope your Pail is colorful...gee doe it come with it's own shovel.... we had record breaking temps here over 100 degrees for several days with the humidity news reports said it felt like 115 degrees ...anyway I will take it over any snow day...any requests for care packages ?? your mom said she'd send me your physical mailing address...well happy teaching girl I know you will do a fantastic job...hope you can get your internet up and running soon....

At July 29, 2011 at 11:13 PM , Anonymous Courtney Beach said...

Hey Beckster!!! Just got caught up on all the blogging madness!! LOVE IT!! Definitely sounds like a once (or twice in your returning PCVs' cases) in a lifetime opportunity. I love the PB! I acually just got to Denver (a long way from SE Asia) yesterday and they are scheduled to play it in an outdoor cinema tomorrow night - we are so going (even though I own it as well. Haven't read the next blog yet, but I hope all is going well at the new homestead. All the best


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