Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy McDonald's Bathroom Appreciation Day!

As my secondary project as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am going to write a proposal addressed to the Philippine government, the United Nations, and whichever various organizations I need to contact regarding the following issue.  I am proposing to make October 22nd International McDonald's Bathroom Appreciation Day.  I'm going to write a rough draft here.  Please contact me with any comments or suggestions.

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Rebecca ****.  I am an American citizen working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines.  I am very fortunate to have grown up in a country that values its independence, freedom, and limitless opportunities for each of its citizens.  Because of these nationalistic values, Americans have every right to have big dreams and aspirations.  Historically, many of these small ideas have grown to become some of the most groundbreaking, innovative solutions to serve both the country and the world.  When it comes to serving mankind, McDonald's Inc. is today's maven in the public service industry.

Since its institution in 1955 by a small-town American with a big-town idea, Ray Kroc, McDonald's has provided its customers with delicious fast food served with a smile.*  To date, McDonald's has locations in 119 countries worldwide and serves more than 64 million people each day.  Families spend hours in McDonald's "Play Place" rooms as a way to bond with each other and make new memories to treasure forever.  McDonald's also provides the opportunity to bring joy to any birthday girl, boy, or adult with their princess or superhero-themed birthday parties.  The restaurant is a casual meet-up place for friends or even co-workers.  One could argue that some of America's major businesses may have benefited from a quick business lunch at McDonald's.  We may never know for sure.  However what we are sure of, is that this chain has become a place that brings people of all walks of life together every day, and no price can be put on the value of interpersonal relationships.

The standards McDonald's sets for its franchises worldwide are exceptional.  One standard that I would like to address specifically in this letter is that of their comfort rooms (CRs).  Growing up in the United States, I was raised using white porcelain toilets to relieve myself each day.  Every bathroom I had entered throughout the country, from personal homes to public areas, I could always count on the reliable toilet bowl to be there for me.  The toilet paper wasn't always accounted for, but the toilet always was.  My biggest qualm was the occasional wet toilet seat.  After living in a third world country for three months now, however, I realize that I have spent my life taking such things for granted, including the wet toilet seat.

Two months ago, myself and several other Peace Corps Volunteers decided to walk into a "Mac Do's," as they are familiarly called here in the Philippines.  After enjoying my meal, I traversed to the bathroom, preparing myself for what I have endearingly termed the "S&S"- the squat and shake.  Upon opening the door, I saw a bright light and heard angels sing when I saw a white, shiny toilet in front of me.  As I sat there, I teared up at this discovery and when I saw the toilet paper on the wall, I wanted to call home to tell my mother that I had found love in the Philippines.  His name was Ronald.

Since that day of reckoning, I have visited various McDonald's throughout the country and they never cease to impress me with their high standards in their CR upkeep.  Because of this, I would like to propose the institution of International McDonald's Bathroom Appreciation Day (While I'm at it, could I also question the validity of Arbor Day and Flag Day?).  Certain individuals in first world countries may not realize that they receive a gift from God each day- a working toilet that flushes itself.  Before living in a third world country, I was one of these people.  However, I now have a great appreciation for the miracle of modern "johns."  Therefore, I believe McDonald's should be recognized for its forward-thinking in human waste disposal, and this day will provide the recognition it deserves.

If this celebration will be accepted by your organization, millions of people will begin hailing October 22nd as International McDonald's Bathroom Appreciation Day.  This will bring one American's idea full-circle and empower other people to keep dreaming.  It will encourage people worldwide to keep working hard, despite today's financially troubling times, and will relieve the American government of creating economic stimulus packages.  Not only will you be instituting a holiday, but you will play a role in the turn-around of the currently depressed economy.  When your children's children read about the year 2011 in their history textbooks, the creation of International McDonald's Bathroom Appreciation Day will be a prominent mark on the yearly timeline, and they will take pride in knowing that their families come from greatness.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for spending your valuable time considering this proposal.  

Rebecca ****

*Visit the McDonald's location in Norwell, MA at Queen Anne's Corner on Rt 53 around 10pm Monday nights to reference this fact.


At October 23, 2011 at 9:28 PM , Blogger jlk9872 said...

I think a more logical choice for the date would be 01/02, 02/22, or 12/22. You know #1s and #2s. Lol


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