Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So this is Christmas...

Remember back in September when I wrote about the “months of Christmas?”  Well I can’t believe the months are finally culminating to the big day!  Every day since September 1st, as the evening newscasters sign off, they announce how many days until Christmas.  I remember back when it was 118 or so… and now we’re in single digits!  It does NOT feel like it’s been this long.  It’s definitely a strange feeling also, because always having been a northern girl, having continuous warm weather all through the autumn months has been somewhat of a…trick?  Not exactly a trick.  I don’t know what word I want to use.  But it doesn’t feel like Christmas is here.  Of course, we’ve had years where December 25th gets up to 60 degrees or so.  Specifically I remember getting our first trampoline and bouncing around in the backyard of our house in New Jersey for hours, back when I was a little gymnast in the ‘90s.  I know those pictures we have of me, and the brownish grass all around.  Mannnn that was AWESOME!  However, all those brisk late September and October days, running into the frosty mornings in November and busting my winter coat out of the attic, continuing into cold December with Dad’s menagerie of soups… all of that has been missing.  And as much as I enjoy my daily short-sleeved weather here, as I’m typing this at 4am, I’m at this very moment realizing that I actually miss my northeast seasons.  Who would’ve THOUGHT?!

Sure, summer is totally my favorite season.  And at home, I curse those frigid mornings and try to find every excuse in the book to avoid raking leaves and shoveling snow (let’s be honest).  The seat and steering wheel in my car are freezing, while our house thermostat is set to approximately 58 degrees throughout the day in an attempt to defy the oil tycoons and electric company.  No wonder our Christmas trees last so long; it’s as if they’re still in their natural Canadian habitat.  Yet there’s something special about the feeling of two pairs of socks and boots on my feet.  Or putting on my snug Isotoner gloves (thank you, Dan Marino)… it’s so weird to think of these things.  I’ll be going up to Sagada later this week to spend Christmas with some of my friends.  Mountain Province is the coldest in the Philippines, so the next time I blog (January), I’ll let you know how it compares.  One of my friends that lives up there says she sleeps with four blankets.  Another says when he bathes, he believes ice crystals form in very specific places on his body that I won’t mention here… use your imagination.  Granted these two PCVs are from Florida and Arizona, respectively, so their version of cold may be a little different, but vide bimus.  We shall see.

This was a bit of a short entry, but it was just one observation I wanted to comment on.  As I said, I’ll be away for a bit… got some pretty sweet plans for the holiday.  Vacation begins the 21st, I’ll travel up north and be in Sagada, Mountain Province from the 23rd-26th, then Tuguguero, Cagayan the 26th-27th, then Subic, Zambales the 28th-29th, then Manila the 30th-Jan 1st… coming home on the overnight and returning around 4am on the 2nd.  Google Luzon and you’ll see I’m taking quite a road trip!  I’m sure I’ll encounter some more travelling mishaps.  Hopefully those will be kept to a minimum.  I’m not too concerned though; most of the travelling will be done with friends from one place to the other.  In addition, Mom, as you always say, it’s good to know your neighborhood.   

Happy holidays, everyone!  Lots of love from Lamut!  I’ll leave you with a remix of a classic tune I wrote one day last week.  Enjoy J

Dashing through the mud
In a one horse-powered trike
O’er bumps we thud
“I’m glad we didn’t hike! Ha ha ha!”
Beeps as jeeps go by
Waves and smiles “Hey!”
What fun it is to ride a trike in Ifugao today!  Ohh…


At December 20, 2011 at 9:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful, safe trip and have a Merry, Merry Christmas with your friends!

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and although I don't always have time to respond, be assured they are read and usually with lots of smiles and laughing out loud.

Take care and enjoy the warm weather! After being in GA & FL for 9 years, snow and cold are far from my thoughts!


At January 4, 2012 at 4:36 AM , Blogger Patti Dente said...

Merry Christmas Becky, Love you comments of Christmas passed, yes I remember the trampoline and the brown grass, I am sure you had fun on you mini vacation, but I bet you didn't have snow....when no signs of the white stuff yet at least hear in New York, but I am sure since we are waiting so long for it to come we are sure going to be in for a Surprise snow storm. your Mom & Brenda came down for my birthday in December we went out to eat with Matt Susy Chelsey & Chelsey's friend Laura, it was sure fun to see them and for them to make the trip....anyway girl I sure hope all is well and yes your Mom forwarded me the photo's of your host family...thanks just love seeing photo's when you can send them...Also your are doing an awesome Job there and before you know it your one year anniversary will be here before you know it Take Care Love Aunt Patti


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